What is in Righteous Co Soap and What Makes It So Good?

What is in Our Soap? Glad you asked!

Soap is more than just suds, and we like our customers informed. We want to share with you what makes our soap so good. Here is what is in our tried and true base soap formula that produces the high-quality bar of soap that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth without harsh chemicals or additives.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a delightful antimicrobial cleanser that adds to a luxurious lather. It also helps our bars last longer by adding some firmness. The reason it became a staple in our soap base formula is it cleanses without leaving your skin feeling tight or dry. 


Olive Oil

Olive Oil is a vitamin and antioxidant-packed conditioning ingredient. It's gently cleansing and high in Oleic acid, which will soften your skin. We love it because it gives your skin that righteous glowing look anbalances the formula. 



Tallow is a wonderful old-word super conditioner that perfectly compliments the deeper cleansing action of Coconut Oil. It is deeply moisturizing, with a touch of nourishing superfat and mild cleansing action. It adds a rich creaminess to the lather and stabilizes our super soft natural moisturizers for a touch of firmness and longevity in our bars. 


Shea Butter


This is a super soft and luxurious moisturizer safe for all skin types. It's antifungal and packed with vitamins and nutrients to nourish your skin. We use it in our blend to take our soap's moisturizing properties to the next level.


Castor Oil


Castor Oil is a mild emollient that helps maintain the skin barrier. However, its real magic is our formula is a natural stabilizer. It takes our bubbles to the next level for a luxurious, rich, and fluffy lather.


Natural Scent Oils

We want that good, good smell without skin irritation or forever chemicals. All our scents are quality and from natural sources. 


This ensures we can achieve our goal of a simple, healthy, restorative bar of soap.


We hope this has given you an understanding of what makes our soap righteous and why we love to make it! We want everyone to experience the joys of a luxurious bar that is good for your skin, free from harsh chemicals, and made with natural ingredients.

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